How to Sell Your Home if You Have a HELOC

How to Sell Your Home if You Have a HELOC

Buying a home, moving, and settling in is an exhausting—and expensive!—experience. If you don’t have the money to handle these large expenses, you can seek a home equity line of credit or a HELOC. You can use this for debt consolidation and lower the interest rates on a credit card, saving money in the long … Continued
Selling Your House Below Market Value

How to Sell Your House Below Market Value

Are you struggling with the decision to sell your house below market value? You may have difficulty selling your house at market value or want to sell it to a family member or friend. There are many reasons a home seller might want to sell their house for less than it’s worth.  Of course, selling … Continued
Top 5 Most Common Home Repairs To Make

Top 5 Most Common Home Repairs To Make

Home improvement can drastically heighten the value of your home.  Some repairs, such as building a new deck, can offer a 110% or more return on investment.  The repairs you can make are many, from building a new deck to replacing windows.  However, not all repairs are created equal. On average and as a whole, … Continued
How to Sell a House With a Tenant In Texas

How to Sell a House With a Tenant In Texas

A homeowner or landlord deciding to sell is a major event. The sales process is the same, even if you are just unloading an unwanted rental property. That already complex real estate transaction process is made trickier if you are trying to sell a house with a tenant. Questions like “How does your lease agreement … Continued
Guide to selling a house from start to finish

Guide to Selling a House from Start to Finish

Selling a house can be a daunting and overwhelming process, especially for first-time sellers. Whether due to a job relocation, downsizing, or upgrading to a bigger space, selling a house involves multiple steps and decisions that can leave you confused and stressed. From preparing your home for sale to finding the right real estate agent, … Continued
A foundation crack in the outside of a house.

Here’s How to Fix Foundation Cracks from the Outside

You might be walking by your house and notice cracks forming on the outside. Uh-oh — what now? If there are foundational cracks in your home, this can be a warning sign of expensive repairs or renovations in the future.  But not all hope is lost. You can fix foundation cracks in your house by … Continued
Two young homeowners and their child talk in front of their house after putting their house for sale soon after buying it

The Soonest You Can Sell a House After Buying It

Buying a home is an excellent investment. Whether buying it for yourself or your family, as an investment property or to flip the home and resell, it’s an exciting time. Many people are in positions where they need to sell their house fast after buying. This can be because of a natural disaster, divorce, job … Continued
A homeowner stands in front of his house with his toolbelt before starting to work on some home improvements to increase home value

5 of the Best Home Improvements to Increase Value

Are you looking to increase the value of your home? Home improvements are a solid way to do just that. Home improvements add value to your home in a variety of ways. Improving your home’s curb appeal and interior makes a good impression on potential buyers. The impression buyers have of your improved home may … Continued
How to prep for a home appraisal

Guide to Prepping for a Home Appraisal in Texas

Entering the housing market and getting the value of your home can seem complicated, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. You can utilize a real estate agent to help you, but you must complete the appraisal process to understand what you can get from your home. While you can get an appraisal … Continued
Cleaning a hoarder's house before selling

Checklist for Cleaning a Hoarders House Before Selling

Cleaning a hoarder’s home is overwhelming. Hoarders often collect items for years and end up living in appalling conditions that are difficult to remedy. Hoarding cleanup is not an impossible task. However, if you aim to sell a hoarder’s home or simply help a loved one live in better conditions, you can create an action … Continued
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