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It’s possible you have some questions. Many people do. We’ve answered a lot of questions before and collected our responses to some of the most common questions about how we buy homes? If you can’t find an answer here, you can contact us or call our office and we will be happy to talk with you about your questions!

Q: Will My House Be Listed on MLS or Are You Buying It Directly?

A: We are not real estate agents, and we don’t list houses for sale anywhere. Instead, we are a professional house-buying service. We buy homes in San Antonio directly from sellers, as long as they meet our criteria (most houses do!).

After we have bought your house, we’ll fix it up and try to re-sell it to someone else or rent it out. But, at this point you will already have gotten paid and moved on from the process!

Q: Do You Actually Pay Fair Prices for Properties?

A: While our price may not be market value, many of our past customers have appreciated that we work quickly to buy your house and we offer all cash (no need for financing). Because of how we buy homes in San Antonio and do business, we can’t offer you the full retail value for your house and will negotiate with you until we can find a price we are both satisfied with. If you think it’s fair, you can accept our offer and get paid within as little as 1 week.

Our offers are completely free of any obligation, so you don’t have to feel rushed or bullied. Even if you talk with us and get an offer from our company, you don’t have to deal any further and can cut the process off immediately if you’re not satisfied with the price. No fees, no obligations, no hard feelings. So, there’s really no harm in finding out what kind of offer we’re giving!

Q: How Do You Determine the Price to Offer on My House?

A: There are a few main factors we look at when we buy homes in San Antonio:

  1. Location of your property
  2. Repairs needed on the house
  3. Condition of the property currently
  4. Value of houses sold around the area recently

The housing market is still not completely recovered from the hit it took a few years back. Although prices are on the rise in some areas, we still have to carefully consider what the comparative value is to find out if we can make a good profit from it. But, we also want to make sure you get what you want from it as well.

Q: Are There Any Fees or Commissions to Work with You?

A: This is one area that we differ from our competitors. We don’t’ charge you any commissions on the sale or any fees for our services. We even cover the cost of closing the house for you too. Our service is completely free for you to use, all you have to do is contact us and tell us about your property to get started!

We make our money after we buy homes in San Antonio, because we can repair it and re-sell it for a profit. That’s why we don’t charge you any fees, because we are taking all of the risk out of the deal for you and putting it onto our business instead!

Q: How Are You Different from a Real Estate Agent?

A: We are actually quite different from real estate agents! While agents list your house and show it to prospective buyers, we actually ARE the buyers. Agents get paid from commissions once your house is sold to a buyer. This process can take between 6 and 12 months in many cases.

We don’t look for buyers for your home, and we don’t charge you for our services, we buy homes in San Antonio. Instead, we will give you a cash offer with no fees, no commissions, and no obligations. If you choose to accept our offer, your house could be sold within 7 days, or less if your schedule is too tight.

Q: Is There Any Obligation When I Submit My Property Information?

A: Nope! There is no obligation for you throughout the entire process. After you’ve submitted the property information sheet, we’ll arrange a visit to see the place for ourselves. If we need some more information we will contact you, but usually the visit is enough. That’s when we’ll give you our first all-cash offer for you to look over. It will be a fair offer for you and for us.

If you want to accept that offer, that’s up to you. If you don’t want to accept it, that’s also completely up to you. We’re not going to call you up and hassle you about it while you’re deciding. This is a stress-free selling process for you that doesn’t involve any harassment from us! Make the best decision for you and decide what’s right for you and your family.

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