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The normal process of selling your house is a really stressful, long period of time that can end up being really expensive for you. With the repairs, possible tenant evictions, waiting for buyer financing, showing the house… It’s too much stress!

We work to eliminate that stress for you by making the process quick and painless. And by quick we mean closing on the deal in as little as 7 days!

Need to sell a house fast? We do this all the time!

Anyone can use our service, from people facing foreclosure or divorce to those relocating that need to sell a house fast, or those with a vacant or inherited home to sell, or people who lost their jobs and can’t afford the payments. Even landlords who don’t want to rent anymore, people who owe more on the house than its actual worth, or those who want to get out of their house that needs too many repairs… We can help.

At Sell My House Fast San Antonio TX we believe that every homeowner:

  • Deserves fair treatment
  • Should have a quick option to get fair cash price fast for their home
  • Shouldn’t be forced to pay for a real estate agent (or wait for the sale!)
  • Needs an easy way to just end the headache of a house that needs to be sold

It’s not all just talk. We stand behind all of this and will help you through the process of selling your home for a fair cash offer.

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Who Are We Anyway?

Sell My House Fast San Antonio TX is the San Antonio area’s most respected house buying service. We are a highly experienced home buying team that helps homeowners like you to sell a house fast for a fair, all-cash price. We don’t charge any fees or commissions, and all of our offers hold no obligation for you. Transparency and integrity are important to us, and we maintain a high level of honesty throughout the whole process.

We buy houses in San Antonio, but we also operate around other areas of Texas too. Since we’re very familiar with the area, our home buying team can work with you to buy your house fast, no matter the location or condition it’s in. (This also applies to rental homes with tenants!)

Don’t be confused: we are not real estate agents. We are the ones who will actually be buying your house, and we are not listing it for sale to look for other buyers. Our cash is ready and available, so we can make an all-cash offer as soon as possible, sometimes as soon as we see the house! You’re not obligated to accept our offer or even to consider it, but it’s fully up to you whether you want to sell a house fast or not. Sell My House Fast San Antonio TX operates under a very strict no-pressure policy, which means you won’t receive calls from us harassing you or bothering you about selling your home.


Can I Stop or Avoid Foreclosure by Selling My House?

Yes, in most cases. If foreclosure is impending, you can usually stop it by selling your house, a move that can also save your credit in the long run! Download our guide on “How to Stop Foreclosure” for more information about this topic.

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