When Is the Best Time to Sell a House in Texas

A typical suburban neighborhood in Texas.

Are you trying to figure out the best time to put your house on the real estate market in Texas? When is the best time to sell a house in Texas? You will want to put your home on the housing market at the right time to get more buyers interested in your property. 

Home sales in the spring and summer are when most potential buyers show, giving home sellers the best chance of a bidding war or a high offer. You will need to learn the best time of year to put your home for sale in the local market.

While the warmer months provide a better opportunity for finding homebuyers, you will still need to figure out the best month to put your property on the housing market in Texas. Often families seek to move before a new school year starts for their children, but you will need to see what your local neighborhood brings.

For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the seasonal patterns for selling a home disappeared as more buyers began moving due to the virtual aspect of working and schooling. Today, however, timing is becoming more critical.

So, when is the best time to sell a house in Texas? Keep reading to find out!

The Best Time to Sell a House in Texas

On a national level, late spring is usually the best time to sell a new home. For instance, May provides the best time to sell a house, as it brings a 12.6 percent seller premium above market value on average over the last decade. 

However, the best time does depend on market conditions, as home sales and housing demand grew fast during the first part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, for a strong seller’s market, you should start working with a real estate agent during April or May.

So, Texas homeowners should start working with the best local realtor and hold open houses in the spring and early summer. Usually, families like to move into new houses before the next school year begins for their children. 

Based on a 2021 report from ATTOM Data Solutions, the ideal time to sell a house is usually in late spring and early summer based on condo and single-family home sales across 10 years. The years covered started in 2011 and ended in 2020. 

Essentially, the highest premium for a home sale occurs in May when the median sale price reached $197,400 while the median family home value was only $174,000. 

Generally, March, April, June, July, and August may provide higher offers and bids than the asking price during the fall and winter months. Despite the time of year, you should increase the list price only if you improve curb appeal and conduct home improvements. 

Even though the summer gets very hot in Texas, the summertime is the best time of the year to sell a Texas home quickly. The best months to sell a house in Texas are May through September. 

The number of days it takes to sell a house starts to drop in early March until the fall hits. For example, homes in July tend to sell an average of about 27 days faster in July than in January. 

The Worst Time to Sell a House in Texas

Despite the warm climates year-round in Texas, the house hunting season seems to die down in the fall and winter months. Since there’s less competition during the winter months of the year, you will see a buyer’s market appear in which the buyers have more negotiating power over the home sale.

For example, during the holiday season, most families have too much to do in terms of buying presents, planning holiday parties, decorating the house and the Christmas tree, and planning out family visits or vacations.

Specifically, October and December have the worst seller premiums for home sales nationwide. The average premiums are at 5.8 percent during these two months as compared to the average 13.4 percent premium common in May.

A few other months when you don’t want to sell a house in Texas include:

  • November
  • January
  • February

However, there are ways you may sell a Texas house successfully in the late fall and winter. For instance, you can reduce the selling price of the property along with marketing the landscaping around the house. You can also attract buyers from colder environments to buy second properties and escape the harsh winters in the North. 

The Best Month to Sell a House in Texas

While historically, the best months to sell a Texas home are usually during the summer, recent years have shown that real estate in Texas is selling well year-round. Nonetheless, data shows that you’re likely to sell your Texas home in June for about $21,000 more than the yearly average of home sale prices.  

Currently, however, Texas homes are selling quickly year-round with average days on the market reaching about 34 days. The best month to sell a house in Texas does depend on what parameters you’re interested in. Do you want to sell your place quickly? Or do you want to get the highest price for your property regardless of how long it takes?

You can probably sell your home more quickly in the earlier parts of the summer or late spring. You can sell a house fast in Live Oak if you list it in June when the average days on market reach 30 days. Usually, you can get the highest premium by selling in May. 

However, you may still gain a high home sale price in August or September, as buyers get anxious to buy a new property and move before the new school year begins.

Another major part of figuring out the best month to sell a house in Texas is location. Essentially, the best time to sell a house depends on the region of Texas you’re located in. 

For instance, the Dallas Fort Worth metro area has one of the greatest population growths nationwide, which shows that the region has strong home sales numbers year-round. The specific market conditions in your neighborhood will play a role in when to put your house on the real estate market. 

The Worst Month to Sell a House in Texas

The winter tends to have the worst times to sell a house in Texas. Therefore, try to avoid putting your house on the real estate market in December, January, and February. Generally, January is the worst month to sell a home in Texas. Residential properties sell for the least amount of money in January.

Furthermore, January is the worst time to list a home on the real estate market if you’re looking for a quick home sale. Generally, Texas homes stay on the housing market for an average of 74 days when you list the property in January. Essentially, selling in January takes 16 days longer to complete a home sale. 

Furthermore, residential properties sell for an average price of $292,047 in January as compared to the annual average of $305,734. As such, you can lose out on about $13,687 in price when selling your home in January. 

Since the costs of selling a house can get rather high, you should put it on sale at the right time for a larger price to cover those selling costs.

The average home sale price in December reaches $294,128, which is also a drop of $11,606 when compared to the yearly average price. Also, it takes an average of 69 days to sell a Texas house when listing it in December. That’s 11 days longer than average. 

You will also need to rethink putting your house on the market if your situation isn’t opportune. For instance, avoid putting your home up for sale if:

  • You’re trying to circumvent a foreclosure
  • The property needs upgrades and renovations
  • You have tenants and their lease isn’t up yet
A one-story house in a typical suburban neighborhood in Texas.

Does the Best Time to Sell a House in Texas Change Annually?

Other than surprising worldwide impacts like the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market in Texas does not have major annual changes. You won’t likely see any significant differences in terms of the best time to sell a house in Texas yearly.

However, certain regions in Texas may provide a better time to sell a home as compared to other regions. For example, December is the most profitable month to sell a house in Arlington, Texas. 


Now, you should know when’s the best time to sell a house in Texas. Generally, May and June are the best times to sell your Texas residential property. July, August, and September along with April also provide decent times of the year to sell your house.

However, you can successfully sell your home by yourself to cash home buyers in Texas at any time of the year. You may want to check out this guide to selling a house by owner when foregoing working with a real estate agent.

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